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Kamakshya Devalaya Darrang

Darrang constitutes an important part in the exploration of the state of Assam owing to the various Satras, religious sites and scenic beauty of the place. It also has many sightseeing destinations for the tourists among which the famous Kamakshya Devalaya is a must visit. This temple is located in the south western part of Kalaigaon near the Lakhimpur Village. This religious site was founded before the 12th century AD and was considered to be of great value for the Koch and Ahom Rulers. The temple is beautifully constructed and has pleasing interiors. When you enter the temple premises you get to see a stone fetish which has 8 lotus petals beautifully adorning it. The temple attracts many devotees from different parts of the country who come to seek the blessings of the deity.

Popular Things to Do & See in and around

After you have offered your prayers to the deity here, you can go around and explore the Lakhimpur Village which has many other attractions for the visitors. The people of this village create different types of art forms that are very popular here and contribute in enriching the cultural heritage of Darrang.

Getting There 

The Darrang district in Assam can be easily reached from Guwahati and then you can avail the road and water transportation of the place for planning the sightseeing programs. Private cars and buses are also available in ample amount for the ease of the tourists.

Kamakshya Devalaya, Assam

Best Time to Visit

The festival of Holi is celebrated with a lot of grandeur in this temple during the spring season. It feels lovely to be a part of this grand occasion here and many followers visit the temple during this time. The weather conditions at Darrang are also very pleasant during this time of the year. It is ideal to visit the temple during this time so that you can also be a part of this celebration.

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