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Gandhi Smriti Park Darrang

Darrang has several religious places and the flora and fauna of the district is also well developed. One such tourist attraction of the district is the Gandhi Smriti Park which is located at the heart of the town Mangaldai. This park has been well maintained by the authorities in charge and is a beautiful destination to be visited. The tranquility and freshness of the park allures the visitors and the lush green surrounding of the place makes it very pleasing. There are many fountains and garden decorating the park and the walkways are paved with manicured grasses which enhance the beauty of the place even more. It feels amazing to take an evening stroll in this beautiful spot.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

The Gandhi Smriti Park is an ideal place for planning a picnic with your near ones and relax in the lap of nature. After your whole day’s sightseeing tour, a visit to this park is really a treat where you can spend some time sitting in solitude and admiring the beauty of the place. Capture some memorable moments spent with your family here. The park also has many rides for the children which they can enjoy and have fun playing in the green grasses.

Getting There 

One can reach Darrang from the city Guwahati by railways, and roadways. From there you can board a bus or hire a taxi to reach your destination. The district maintains a flexible transportation network that makes communication very easy for the travelers. The local transport options of taxis and auto rickshaws can take you to the site in no time. .

Gandhi Smriti Park, Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to travel to Darrang is between the months of November and April when the district has a very pleasant climatic condition. This famous travel destination of Assam celebrates the festival of Holi in a grand way and Gandhi Smriti park is a site where many people gather together to enjoy this “Basanta Utsav”.

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