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Ganga Pukhuri Sonkuriha Nalbari

Located in the village of Barkuriha which is about 7 km from Nalbari District, this pond is widely famous for both its ineteresting story and natural beauty. Legend has it that Ganga Pukhuri was dug by a young Brahmin, Gangadhar, and thus it attained its name. Every year there is a festival held in Ganga Pukhuri that attracts hundreds of localites and tourists as well.

Popular Things to do & See around

Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of this place, you can arrange for picnics with your friends and family around Ganga Pukhuri. There is a yearly festival that is held around Ganga Pukhuri during Ashok Asthami. The festival attracts several tourists and devotees from different parts of the country who pay homage to their dead ancestors. Many local stalls for food and daily necessities sprawl around the area and make it quite a worth visiting site in Nalbari.

Getting There

Ganga Pukhuri can be reached directly from Guwahati where you can avail for several state-run and private buses. Also rental cars are available from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport to reach this spot in less than 2 hours. From Paltan Bazaar Railway Station that is connected to Guwahati, Kolkata and Delhi you can reach Ganga Pukhuri via auto rickshaws or other local transport in just few minutes.

Ganga Pukhuri Sonkuriha Nalbari, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Nalbari has hot summers and uncomfortable monsoons, but winters are quite cold and dry to enjoy a wonderful trip at Ganga Pukhuri. For excellent weather conditions to do your sightseeing in and around Ganga Pukhuri, it is best to visit around the months of October to February.

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