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Best Time to Visit Nalbari

Like other places in Assam, the best time to visit Nalbari is winters. Summer is a good time to visit too. The weather during this time is hot and the temperature can go up to 32 degree Celsius but it stays more or less pleasant during this time.


The weather is mostly pleasant during this time and it does not usually rain during summers. Average temperature remains around 30 degree Celsius.


Monsoon is probably the worst time to visit not only Nalbari but any other place in Assam. It rains almost every day making it difficult for tourists and travellers to travel from one place to the another.


Winter is the best time to visit Nalbari. Weather is chilly but refreshingly enjoyable. Carry a lot of woollen clothes as the temperature usually drops to single figures.

Best Time to Visit Nalbari, Assam

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