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Billeswar Temple Nalbari

This 500-year-old temple has a rich history. According to legend, there lived a priest who owned a cow that refused to give him milk. One day, the priest followed the adamant cow to see it giving its milk to a type of grass called virina. The king of the land came to know about it and ordered for the site to be dug up. They found a Shivlinga buried underneath the grass shrub patch. On seeing the Shivlinga, the king built a temple at the very site but dedicated it to Lord Krishna. The spot where the Shivlinga was found was called Birreshwar. Then the name transformed to Billeswar and finally now it is called Belsor. This temple is quite famous and attracts many tourists and local inhabitants every year to offer their respect and honour to Lord Krishna.

Popular Things to do & See around

The Billeswar Temple is also popularly known as Belsor Temple. It attracts many earnest devotees of Lord Krishna every year. You can offer prayers and pujas when you’re at the temple and at the same time, you can explore the ancient heritage of Hindu culture and architecture.

Getting There

Take a rental cab straight from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) and reach Billeswar Temple in less than a couple of hours. From the nearest Paltan Bazaar Railway Station, you can reach Billeswar Temple by taxis. From Guwahati you can avail several state-run and private buses that take you to Billeswar Temple, Nalbari.

Billeswar Temple Nalbari, Assam

Best Time to Visit

For excellent weather conditions to do your sightseeing in and around Billeswar Temple, it is best to visit around the months of October to February. The summers are extremely hot and monsoons too wet, but winters are cold and comfortable which allows you to enjoy a wonderful trip here.

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