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Daulashal Temple Nalbari

Daulashal Temple is located at Daulashal which is south of the Nalbari District. The temple got its name from the locality. Daulashal Temple is dedicated to honour the great Lord Krishna and his beloved rule elder brother, Balaram. This temple has witnessed a lot of history of India which also includes the Mughal Invasion during the 13th century. The place has been named so because of the canal that resided near a huge temple. In local language, the word ‘daul’ was referred to as temple and the word ‘khal’ was referred to as canal. Initially the place was hence named Daulakhal which later transformed to Daulashal. The Daulashal Temple experiences a large number of footfall every year.

Popular Things to do & See around

This place is blessed with both scenic beauty and religious and heritage centres. You can explore the magnificent architecture of the temple and offer prayers and pujas to Lord Krishna and Lord Balram.

Getting There

From any part of Nalbari district, you can take cabs to reach Daulashal Temple; also from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) travellers would take less than 2 hours to reach Daulashal Temple via taxis. From Paltan Bazaar Railway Station, you can take taxis to reach Daulashal Temple. This rain station has train connecting to Guwahati, Kolkata and Delhi. Several state-run and private buses from Guwahati take you straight to Daulashal Temple, Nalbari.

Daulashal Temple Nalbari, Assam

Best Time to Visit

For excellent weather conditions to do your sightseeing in and around Daulashal Temple, it is best to visit around the months of October to February. The summers are scorching hot and monsoons are uncomfortable, thus winter is the apt time.

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