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Katsho Goemba

Nestled in the laps of the spectacular Himalayan hills in the breathtaking Haa Valley in Bhutan, the Katsho Goemba is an offbeat tourist attraction in this region. Fringed by pristine landscapes, snow capped hills and gurgling rivers, the Katso Goemba is an old Buddhist monastery situated near the tiny village of Katsho in the Haa Valley. This beautiful and ancient monastery can be reached by a scenic two hour trek passing through the secluded hamlet of Katsho.

The Katsho Goemba was established by the Lama Choney Dorji around 200 years ago, in the 19th century. Before the construction of this monastery began, the Lama dreamt of a sky full of shining stars and so, named this place ‘Katsho’. The monastery was initially built as a two-storied building. However, the upper storey was destroyed in two subsequent fire accidents around 50 years ago.