South Sikkim

The Southern district of Sikkim is the smallest district in the state in terms of area, covering 75,000 hectares. As one of the less explored tourist destinations in Northeast India, it offers some truly amazing places for you to discover on your next vacation. Namchi, the district headquarters, is a popular destination offering the best of South Sikkim tourism. Alongside Namchi, the town of Ravangla is also noteworthy. If you're seeking peace and solace, then South Sikkim is the perfect destination for you.

More Information About South Sikkim Tourism

South Sikkim is home to divine monasteries and temples where you can meditate while soaking in the breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains. The region also boasts therapeutic hot springs for relaxation and muscle rejuvenation. One must-visit site is the Siddheshwar Dham, a grand tourist attraction established by the Sikkim government, which showcases the significant 12 Jyotirlingas at one location, which are otherwise dispersed throughout the country. Moreover, South Sikkim houses an exquisite tea garden, renowned globally for its premium quality tea.

There are places like Namchi, where the major attractions are of religious importance. Two must-see sights here include Samdruptse Hill, where a gigantic statue of Guru Padmasambhava is located, and Solophok Chardham, home to an 87-foot-high statue of Lord Shiva blessing the visiting devotees. Another unmissable location in South Sikkim is Ravangla. Known for its lush tea gardens, this breathtaking town is one of the popular tourist destinations in South Sikkim. Ravangla's scenic beauty and the historical Kewzing market make it a major tourist attraction. Beyond Namchi and Ravangla, there are other captivating places to visit in South Sikkim like Jorethang, Rabong, Borong, Tendong and Maenam Hill, and Sikip. Each offers its own unique charm and makes for a perfect, rejuvenating holiday destination.

A quaint place named Sikip is a must-visit in South Sikkim, where adventure enthusiasts partake in river rafting on the Rangeet River. For leisure seekers, activities like fishing and angling are available. The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, situated above Tendong Hill, is a must-visit destination offering a chance to spot rich flora and fauna. Besides being a perfect place to observe wildlife, it also offers exciting treks through alluring forests housing Himalayan species such as the Goral, Serow, Barking Deer, Red Panda, Leopard-Cat, Marbled-Cat, Civet-Cats, Common Hill Partridge, Magpies, Blood Pheasant, Black Eagle, and more.

South Sikkim is also known for its beautiful monasteries, which are mostly colourful and have much to offer to history and architecture enthusiasts. Among the most important monasteries to see in South Sikkim is the Ngadak Monastery, one of the oldest in Namchi. Despite being rebuilt after an earthquake, it still emanates a sense of old Sikkim. The Bon Monastery in South Sikkim, on the other hand, is relatively newer and offers utmost tranquility. The interiors of the monasteries are adorned with paintings of Bon deities and Bon Demonical Buddha. Besides these, the southern region of Sikkim is blessed with many other monasteries such as the Serdup Choling Monastery in Namchi, Ugen Ling Ghumpa in Jorethang, and the Palchen Chosling Monastery, also known as Ralang Monastery, near Ravangla.

Don't worry if you're more of a trekking enthusiast. You're sure to appreciate the terrains and pathways of the district, which are perfect for extensive treks. These treks are long enough to offer a solid workout, yet not so lengthy as to become monotonous. The area's landscape provides breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayan ranges and the state's picturesque rivers. If you ascend high enough, you might even catch a panoramic view of the entire city! After such an expedition, a relaxing soak in a hot spring sounds quite appealing, doesn't it?

If you're unsure about what to include in your itinerary, here are some places we suggest you explore in South Sikkim.

Name of the Place

Distance from Namchi

Tendong Hill

11 km

Samdruptse Hill

6 km

Ngadak Monastery

4 km

Siddheshwar Dham

5 km

Tarey Bhir

16 km

Name of the Place

Distance from Ravangla

Temi Tea Garden

20 km

Ralang Monastery

6 km

Borong and Ralong Hot Water Springs

21 km

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

12 km

Buddha Park of Ravangla

1 km

Tendong Hill

At a distance of 11 kilometers from the Namchi district of Sikkim, Tendong Hill is situated at a height of 8.530 ft. The hill is located above the village of Damthang and is a popular landmark for trekking lovers. In the Lepcha language Tendong means ‘An upturned horn’. At the top of the hill there is a monastery as the beautiful and quiet atmosphere of the hills has attracted many Buddhist Lamas over the years who come here to meditate among its serenity.

There is even a watch tower which provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding areas. You can view Singalila range in the west, Chola range in the east, parts of Gangtok, Darjeeling and even West Bengal!

The beautiful hill top of Tendong can only be reached by trekking and it is a long one. The whole trek from Damthang to Tendong is around a good 6 kilometers so brace yourself. Tendong is a beauty so you will not be bored during your walk. The hill is surrounded by lush trees of Magnolia and Rhododendron, and has a number of species of birds and wildlife.

The place is not only scenic and quiet; it is also significant for the local people. According to a local folklore, during a particularly bad flood the hill raised itself to protect the people of the town from the waters and so the local people pray to the hill during every rainy season for safety.

Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit is during the months of March-June.

Samdruptse Hill

Samdruptse Hill is a popular tourist attraction of South Sikkim and is located at a distance of 6 kilometers from Namchi. The hill sits below Tendong and faces Namchi. From the hilltop you can see Darjeeling, Kalimpong and even Khangchendzonga on a clear day!

To reach the hilltop, visitors have to walk up the hill for about 250 meters.The Samdruptse Hill, meaning “wish-fulfillment” is popular among tourists for a reason. With a height of 138 ft. it has the tallest statue of Guru Padmasambhava in the world, the patron saint of Sikkim, and is therefore also a popular pilgrimage site for the followers of Buddhism.

Guru Padmasambhava was one of the founders of Tibetan Buddhism and is highly revered. The foundation stone for the statue was laid by the 14th Dalai Lama in 1997. The towering statue is painted in gold and copper paint and shines when it's sunny. Below the base of the statue are a monastery and a prayer hall, where the monks reside and chant prayers. The locals believe the hill to be a dormant volcano and the only way to stop it from erupting is through constant prayers and considers it to be sacred.

BestTime to Visit: The ideal time to visit is during the months of February-May and October-November.

Timings: 9am to 5:30pm.

Ngadak Monastery

The Ngadak Monastery also known as the Nandak Gompa is a Buddhist monastery. It was constructed in the 17th century during the reign of Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal by Tensung Namgyal. Originally made as a palace for Pendi Ongmu, it was later converted to a monastery. It is one of the popular places to visit on your tour to South Sikkim. It is located at a distance of just 4 kilometers from Namchi.

The historical structure is made up of stone and wood and has suffered some damage due to an earthquake in the area. A new monastery is now built nearby the old structure. The place has a calm and spiritual atmosphere which makes for an ideal place to meditate and listen to your inner voice. The monastery is named Ngadak which means ‘promise’ and signifies that a person who visits the monastery promises to come back again.

Best Time to Visit:The ideal time to visit is during the months of March-June.

Timings:8am to 5pm.


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