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Ralang Monastery Ravangla

Ralang Monastery is beyond comparison to any other monasteries in Sikkim. It is undoubtedly an attraction that needs to be visited by every traveller wishing to explore Ravangla. To start with, the monastery’s symmetry and allurement give a welcoming feel to the visitors. Ralang Monastery has an extensive collection of paintings and thangkas that reflect the opulence of the Buddhist art.

The story on what brought Ralang Monastery into existence was that, when the fourth Chogyal returned from his pilgrimage, the 9th Karmapa threw grains of rice from Tsurphu Monastery in Tibet during Rabney (blessing) ceremony. The grains fell at this site, and thus the decision of constructing a monastery was taken. The site of the monastery of Ralang is at a distance of about 13 kilometres from Ravangla and the only way to reach is by trekking.

Best Time To Visit :

The best time to visit this monastery is from April to June; however, if you want to enjoy and experience their unique festival then you must attend the annual festival of Pang Lhabsol, which is held in the month of August.

Getting there :

Ralang Monastery is 13 kms from Ravangla, one can get a cab from the city to reach the trekking point for the monastery, and then further a trekking trail has to be followed to make it this famous Gumpa.

Ralang Monastery Ravangla, Sikkim
Things to do and see

Nearby, about 8 kilometers drive from Ralang continuing with a short trek, you can visit the Borong Cha-Chu/Hotspring. You can also visit the Ralang Cha-Chu. These two places offer perfect therapeutic hot water springs. The Yangyang Monastery can also be visited as it is located 10 kilometres downhill of Ravangla. While here, you can also witness one of the unique festivals of Sikkim, an annual festival, Pang Lhabsol. During this auspicious festival, Mount Kanchenjunga is worshipped. In this festival you can also witness Chaam masked dances and Mahakala dance.

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