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Sikkim is a northeastern state with an amalgamation of people thus you can witnesses a bundle of fairs and festivals every year. This best place to visit is rich in history and culture, most importantly they celebrate festivals with great zeal. Here, you can experience the kaleidoscope of colours, its diversified culture and rich traditions in their array of festivals such as Pang Lhabsol, Bumchu etc, for instance Losar is a famous festival in Sikkim. It is the Tibetan New Year that is celebrated every February with great fervor and enthusiasm and significantly celebrated with friends and family. Also, preceding Losar Festival, GuthorChaam is held where lama’s dance joyously at the Pemayangtse and Rumtek Monasteries. Another New Year festival in Sikkim is the Sonam Losoong of Sikkimese Bhutia which also marks the end of the harvest festival. Losoong similar to Losar is joyously celebrated with a lively and colourful cham or dance and it falls on the last month of the year. Sikkim is also known as the last Himalayan Shangri La, perhaps for its happy environment, monks and festivals. Such joyful feasts are the dancing festivals or chaams like Kagyat Dance, Enchey Chaam and Guthor Chaam. These vibrant event is marked by unique masked dance wearing colorful robes and accessories. These are traditional dances of the lamas that are held in the Buddhist Monasteries.

There are a number of religious festivals in Sikkim such as Saga Dawa, it is a famous festival. This is an important celebration for the Buddhists and it is considered to be the holiest depicting the story of Lord Buddha. During this festival, the famous masked dances are presented with temples that are lit up in honor of the lord. Saga Dawa is a magnificent carnival in Sikkim that takes place on every fourth month of the Buddhist Calendar. Drupka Teshi is another religious festival, on this festival mass-prayers are held and Yak race are organised during the end of the festival which is certainly the highlight of the feast. Besides, Dasain and Tihar are celebrated with great zest in Sikkim; Dasain also known as Durga Puja, a Hindu festival and Tihar known as Diwali symbolizes the return of Lord Ram. A crowd pulling and popular festival in Sikkim, HEE Bermiok Tourism Festival is celebrated every May in the charming HEE Bermiok village in West Sikkim. Thousand of tourist make their way from across the globe to witness this auspicious event. Sikkim is a must visit destination to be surrounded by beautiful monasteries and temples garlanded with prayer flags with various festivals that keeps on lifting the spirits of the Sikkimese people.

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