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Shopping in Sikkim

Sikkim; being a unique state in culture and tourism, offers a unique shopping experience as well to its visitors. The happy people of Sikkim celebrates it rich culture by dressing up colorfully and wearing equally beautiful jewelleries, that demand for an extra space in your luggage while going back. Its deep rooted traditions abore variety of ritual objects of religious significance but also make for an attractive souvenir to gift to the near and dear ones or even adorn your house with.

The Government Institute of Cottage Industry conserving authentic manifesto, testimonies and skills of local artisans in their attractive products like handloom, Tibetan woollen carpets made of pure sheep wool, traditionally hand carved tables like Choktses and furnitures, make for a good start for your shopping. There are many curio shops around the town sells amazing canvas paintings and scrolls with local motifs, cloth bags, handmade paper products, and also the eight lucky signs - ‘Tashi Tagey’.

One can surely buy the symbolic Colorful Prayer Flags of Sikkim that is found fluttering almost everywhere in Sikkim, spreading the prayers in the air for the goodness of everyone. It would surely bring positive vibes to your house if you hang it on the terrace or outside the house. Then there are hand painted Tibetan art Thangkas, and scrolls of silk and paper depicting Buddha’s life. Though they are quite delicate and require extra care to preserve them, still they make for a great buy. You can get them of both ranges, the cheaper ones are available in the handicraft shops while the expensive ones are made by the master artists and sold by themselves.

Sikkim sharing somewhat same soil content and weather conditions as Darjeeling, is competent in producing excellent quality tea. The Temi Tea Garden of Sikkim produces some best brands like the Golden Tips, that needs to be taken along with you on your way back. Apart from them, the Lepcha weave bags are also very popular among the tourists, that are counted among the unique objects of Sikkim like the Dragon sets, Dorjee Bell and Thunderbolt, prayer wheels, incense sticks and singing bowls. And also the Sikkimese traditional Tibetan crockery like Mugs, artistic Teapots and Vases that can be bought to add to the aesthetic appeal to your home.

Shopping in Sikkim

Sikkim’s cold weather conditions obviously reflect in their clothes, the Sikkimese dresses of men and women are mostly made of thick fabric to rescue them from the chills. The Sikkimese cap can also be bought for your friends and family residing in the colder region. Then the iconic dragon of Sikkim are found in the himalayan Jewellery, is infused with Sikkim’s nativeness. Including the Turquoise stone that are easily found in the himalayan regions and has the healing quality as well, are also embedded in the state’s authentic jewellery.

The state provides the vast variety in food and beverages as well that cannot be overlooked. Sikkim is famous for Yak’s cheese and Alpine cheese. Then the abundance growth of Cardamom or Elaichi make it available in low range and of better quality. Stop at the Government Fruit Preservation Factory to bag some excellent juices, marmalades and jams. Sikkim’s local beer ‘Chang’ and Fireball Special Brandy which is a fruit based alcohol, along with the locally produced red wine, considered to be a good buy, when the Sikkim’s alcohol is concerned. There are also many varieties of liqueur like Ginger Liqueur, Cardamom Liqueur and the cherry, that carries the uniqueness of the state.

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