Winter Weather in Sikkim

Winter season is chilling in Sikkim but is flourished with mesmerising scenic delights. The snowy peaks, the frozen lakes and the grey forest, everything becomes indistinguishable from a distance. The temperature drops down to 7 degree celsius to 4 degree celsius. The never ending snowfall covers almost everything and it becomes difficult even to commute. Hence, the months from December to february is not considered to be the best time to visit this state. But if you can resist this extreme cold weather, none of the other seasons make Sikkim look so stunning as this particular one. Almost all the places remain open for the tourist except for the high altitudes areas. But at this time of the year, there are many festivals that are celebrated here such as Mangan music festival, Maghey Sankranti, Lossong, Losar and of course Gutar Cham which gives an opportunity to the visitors to witness the very famous Cham dance performed by the masked monks in the monasteries. One can feel the festivity everywhere, on the streets, in the market, even in the monasteries. Different tribes and communities set up traditional stalls to sell their own organic traditional food and beverages as well. Bike stunts and magic shows are also organised on the streets. Every evening, local bands perform shows on stage to entertain the merry making audience. So if you wish to experience the traditional nightlife of the state in the cold scenic setting, unaffected by the the hindered transport, then Sikkim is the place for you during winters.


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