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One of the most stunning Himalayan villages nestled in the lap of North Sikkim, Lachung is an epitome of scenic beauty peppered with tall dark mountains, gushing waterfalls, striking fruit orchards and meandering glacial rivers which take everyone in complete awe of their rustic magic in just a matter of few seconds. Whether one is a vacationer, a honeymooning couple, a nature lover, a photography geek or an adventure aficionado, he is sure to fall in love with this beautiful little hamlet, taking back home, loads of wonderful memories to cherish forever.

An Insight into Lachung Tourism

Perched at an elevation of 8,600 ft. above sea level, Lachung finds its place on holiday itineraries of almost every traveller visiting Sikkim, especially those who are enroute to ‘Yumthang Valley’ or ‘Zero Point’. The charming little hamlet, with its scenic wealth of stunning fruit orchards, sparkling streams and gushing blue rivers flowing against the mesmerizing backdrop of snow-crowned Himalayas loomed over by azure blue skies, has aptly been named amongst the most picturesque villages of North East India, attracting thousands of holiday seekers and nature aficionados from far and wide. The town is no less than a paradise for soul seekers too who are looking for a destination where they can breathe in the fresh air and take in the solitude of mountains, away from honking noises of city roads.

Travellers who are up for some adventure in Lachung, would also be definitely treated with numerous offerings that would help them satiate their adrenaline cravings; ‘Zero Point’ also known as ‘Yumesamdong’ is a popular trekking destination that leaves every adventure junkie with some thrilling and breath-taking vistas of nature. For true adventure lovers, ‘Mt. Katao’ sits as a place must visit and which is sure to leave them enthralled with never-ending fun of snow-boarding, skiing and snow-tubing. Having said that, a permission from the Indian Army is an absolute must for Mt. Katao and which totally depends on the particular day’s forecasted weather conditions.

While tourism in Lachung is driven by its plethora of tourist attractions and range of adventurous offerings, the place also sees a handful of travellers interested in getting an insight into unique cultures and traditions of the region. The town is majorly inhabited by Lepchas and Bhutias who are prime followers of Buddhism and even till date, practice their religion with great reverence and respect.

The best time for a matchless cultural extravaganza in Lachung is by far during the month of June when the town comes to life with the ‘Saga Dawa Festival’ that fills the whole village with vibrancy and effervescence. One of the most important Buddhist festivals that signifies three most important events from Lord Buddha’s life, his birth, enlightenment and death, it is a perfect concoction of holy ceremonies, folk art and exotic cuisine. Ones interested in getting a deeper insight in Buddhism, would surely be taken in awe of its unique ingredients and would get back home with a supreme bliss of life.

For those requiring travel instructions as to how to reach Lachung, note that the picturesque village is well connected through road with the capital city of Gangtok that lies at a distance of approximately 110 km.; a drive through winding mountain roads, blessed with a magical scenery of cascading waterfalls and breath-taking vistas of the valley is completely soul rejuvenating and is sure to etch a mark in your hearts and memories forever. Also, before planning a trip to Lachung, be informed that the region lies in close proximity to Indo-Chinese border which makes it a kind of restricted zone, requiring a travel permit that needs to be arranged from District Commissioner’s office in Gangtok, at-least two days prior to the visit. Needless to say, for those travelling on a tour package with Tour My India, need not worry on this part as we well take care of such requirements and provide best of our services to make our guests’ holidays a memorable experience. Just in case, one is interested in booking a holiday package with us, we have an ongoing deal wherein we are offering travel packages for several tourist destinations of Sikkim at best discounted rates; do call us on our helpline numbers or drop in an email to get more information and our representative would get back in the shortest possible time.

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Where to Stay in Lachung

Sitting as one of the prime destinations in North Sikkim, finding an accommodation in Lachung does not pose a big problem. This scenic village is blessed with a plenty of mid-range and budget hotels, tourist lodges, guesthouses and homestays that provide for a comfortable stay, complete with all basic amenities like clean rooms, warm bed linens, heaters and hygienically prepared food.

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