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Yuksom Travel Guide

If there is any place on earth where one can see "heaven," then it has to be Yuksom. Formally referred to as the 'Gateway to Kangchendzongha', Yuksom is consecrated by the presence of majestic snow peaked mountains, monasteries, etc. Yuksom was the ancient capital of Sikkim, and also holds the tag of being a sacred site, symbolically representing the "third eye of Sikkim".

An Insight into Yuksom Tourism

The literal meaning of the term "Yuksom" is "the meeting point of the three Lamas." The Lamas came from Sikkim and established the Nyingmapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. Historically, in the year 1642 AD the first king of Sikkim Phuntsok Namgyal was consecrated here in the very place where the majestic Norbughang Stupa stands today.

Yuksom is perched at an elevation of 1780 m, and is nestled in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains. On a tour to Yuksom, tourists can go for trekking in Mt. Kangchendzongha, and enjoy the untamed wildlife sanctuary or simply relax with a glass of bamboo drink.

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