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The small town, Namchi is the epitome of culture, diversity, religion, benevolence, and also depicts the munificence of Sikkim. Namchi is blessed with welcoming monasteries, traditional temples, lush greenery, flora, and forests. On a tour to Namchi, tourists can unveil the best kept secrets of the Himalaya. The beauty of Namchi can't be defined in a single word or phrase.

An Insight into Namchi Tourism

'Sky High' is what the meaning of Namchi, and is completely synonymous as it is located at an elevation of 5,500 ft. As per the historical facts, once Sikkim was under the reign of the Chogyals. It is believed that Chogyals were the ones who ruled the both Sikkim and Ladakh. Legends say that one of the Sikkimese princesses, Pende Ongmoo deceived a Sikkimese Chogyal. When people of Sikkim got to know about this, they killed the Sikkimese princess, Pende Ongmoo. The place where the Pend Ongmoo was killed is believed to be the present day Namchi.

Spirituality is an essential element of Sikkim's cultural and social grain. Pay a visit to the temples; meditate in the ancient Buddhist monasteries or attend religious festivals in the town of Namchi. If tourists are planning an excursion to the monastery, then they should not forget to light a butter lamp which stands for prosperity, peace and love.

An important station associated with Namchi is the Samdruptse Hill. Folklore says that Samdruptse Hill fulfils the wishes of every tourist. On Samdruptse Hill, a tourist can see the largest statue of Lord Padmasambhava in the world. According to history, the hill was once a volcano sight. Saints go up the hill and pray that volcano never erupts.

Furthermore, Namchi is the land of celebrations and carnival. Every year Namchi hosts the 'The Gold Cup' football tournament at Baichung stadium. Teams from Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and all over India participate in the football tourney. In the month of February, Namchi hosts an annual flower show which exhibits rare collection of orchids. The flower show is considered as the largest in Sikkim. Additionally, in the month of October, Namchi festival is hosted by the cultural and food tourism.

There's a lot more to explore in Namchi. Make your way to this subtle town and enjoy the picturesque Sikkim at its best.

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