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Popular Lakes in Sikkim

This angelic northeastern state Sikkim appeals every genre of travellers to dwell in its humble land. Its winding roads give a glance of awe-inspiring sights with every curve you make and also the rays of sun that penetrates through the trees is a pleasurable sight to catch. The real goodness Sikkim posses not only confides in mountains, monasteries or its villages but in lakes as well. Sikkim is a must visit destination if you want to visit the mesmerizing and exquisite lakes that are considered sacrosanct. A plethora of lakes can also be traversed in the assorted terrain during the trekking tour to which Sikkim is widely known for. With the state offering abundance of places to visit, a pitstop at some of the beautiful lakes in Sikkim will certainly overwhelm you. Mainly the lakes are located in such serene environ that makes a visit to these attractions captivating and thrilling. These are some of the major crowd pullers that draw travellers from across the world to bask amidst tranquil lakes and surrounding mountains. Besides, lakes offer a relaxing and calming environ that makes the tourism in Sikkim vibrant and impressive. This popular attraction Tsomgo Lake, is located in a serene environ high at an altitude of 12,400 feet. While the lake freezes during winters, spring makes the lake bloom with varied birds and colourful environment.

In fact, this lake hosts a perfect venue for bird watching tours. Bidan Chu is yet another gleaming lake located in Kupup. This lake is also called as Hati (Elephant) Lake as it resembles an elephant. Bidan Chu sits in the edge of the mountain giving a striking sight to see, especially while the clouds roll from a far distance. Cholamu Lake is noted to be one of the highest lakes in the world at 17,490 feet and most restricted as it is mere few kilometres from Indo-China border. A permit is required and a trek since it possesses risky terrain. A visit to Green Lake is possible via trek through beautiful trails and a view of several majestic peaks. It has a perfect setting, blue lake amidst snowy and earthy mountains. Gurudongmar Lake is a sacred lake of the Hindus and Buddhists as it was touched by Guru Padmasambhava. Raj Kathok Lake despite being small it oozes with charm and spellbinding surrounding. It is truly a place to visit to seek solitary and peace. Khecheopalri Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Sikkim and it is a popular tourist places as it is also a sacred site blessed by Guru Rempoche. There are other interesting sight to visit in Sikkim as well such as Lakshmi Pokhari Lake, Menmecho Lake and Tso Lhamo Lake.

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