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Legship Travel Guide

Blessed with astounding natural beauty, Legship is a small town situated on the bank of the Rangit River. Known for its temples, sulphurous hot springs, monasteries, culture and scenic views, Legship is a crowd puller.

An Insight into Legship Tourism

Legship is a treat to the senses with abundant natural charisma, wildlife sanctuaries and trekking trails. One can see mention of Legship during the reign of the Mahabharat. Kirateshwar Mahadev Mandir is the place where Arjuna, a prominent character from the Mahabharata, worshipped Lord Shiva. Satisfied with his devotion, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him disguised as a hunter (Kirat).

Thus the name of the temple was derived. Legship is a symbol of adventure, serenity and culture. From the rich flora and fauna to the religious heritages, Legship has everything to attract any traveller. A couple of spots worth checking out are Lho Khando Sang Pho Caves and Rangit Water World.

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