Sikkim Family Tour Packages

Sikkim is a top choice for families looking for top holiday destinations in India. It has some of the best places to visit, from monasteries and lakes to hill stations. You can plan a family tour in Sikkim with our attractive tour packages for family. Sikkim is divided into four parts, North, South, East and West. Each of these showcase the unsurpassable natural beauty, rich culture & heritage of this northeast state in India. Our Sikkim Gangtok family holiday packages offer you the joy of exploring its capital city, Gangtok. Enjoy cable car rides, visit monasteries & do a lot more at its beautiful capital. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy with your kids too. From those with a spiritual to adventurous bent of mind, our Sikkim family packages are suitable for everybody.

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Sikkim Family Tourism Packages

Unique Himalaya
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6 Nights - 7 Days

Unique Himalaya

Mystery Himalaya
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5 Nights - 6 Days

Mystery Himalaya

Unleashed Himalaya
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6 Nights - 7 Days

Unleashed Himalaya

Best of Gangtok
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Best of Gangtok

Majestic Himalaya
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Majestic Himalaya

Himalayan Trail
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Top Family Holiday Destinations in Sikkim

Gangtok, Sikkim


Visit monasteries, Lake Tsomgo, Tashi View Point & other attractions. Enjoy cable car rides with your kids.

Kupup, Sikkim


This small town is located at 13,000 feet. It lies close to the India China border. Some top sightseeing sights are Yak Golf Course, Jelep La and Baba Mandir.

Thangu Valley, Sikkim

Thangu Valley

If you & your family are up for some trekking, visit Thangu Valley. Chopta Valley, Muguthang & Green Lake are famous trekking sites. Observe the traditional lifestyle & watch the Tibetan plateau.

Chungthang, Sikkim


Visit Chungthang for a spiritual getaway in North Sikkim. The Holy Rock where Guru Padmasambhava sat is revered by many. Enjoy a pic at the confluence of Lacheng Chu & Lachung Chu rivers.

Rinchenpong, Sikkim


Go to Rinchenpong for catching extraordinary views of Mt. Khangchendzonga. It’s a quiet little town with some sightseeing opportunities too. Also visit the curious sounding Poison Lake.

Geyzing, Sikkim


Although primarily a Buddhist tourist center, it also attracts nature lovers. There are a couple of lovely monasteries. One of the tourist attractions is Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

Namchi, Sikkim


Namchi is a suitable family destination in Sikkim. It has tea gardens, rock gardens & lovely views of the Khangchendzonga Range. The 26 feet Samdruptse Statue is a big hit with tourists.

Ranipool, Sikkim


There isn’t much to do in Ranipool but enjoy its serenity. Just relax, take a stroll & enjoy the surroundings. Visit Rumtek Monastery & other sightseeing attractions.

Pelling, Sikkim


Pelling is famous for its monasteries, ruins of 17th century Rabdentse Palace & waterfalls.

Ravangla, Sikkim


Plan a trip to Ranagla if you enjoy birding. Bird lovers will enjoy it. The 130 feet statue of Gautam Buddha at Buddha Park is quite famous.

Top Things to Do in Sikkim Family Tour

Khangchendzonga National Park sikkim

Khangchendzonga National Park

Khangchendzonga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spot the rare Himalayan wildlife like Himalayan Tahr & Red Panda.

Religious sites, sikkim

Religious sites

Visit the famous monasteries in Sikkim like Rumtek, Pemayangtse and Enchey. There are major Hindu pilgrimage sites Solophok Chardham & Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple.

lakes sikkim


Sikkim’s lakes are sacred and wrapped in a mysterious aura. Some of the famous lakes are Tsomgo Lake, Hati Lake, Cholamu Lake and Gurudongmar Lake.

Hill Stations, sikkim

Hill Stations

Hill stations appeal to everybody: families included. Some of the famous ones are Namchi, Pelling, Ravangla, Yuksom, Lachen and Jorethang.

Wildlife in sikkim


Spot Sikkim’s rare & exotic Himalayan wildlife at Khangchendzonga National Park, Fambong Lho, Barsey Rhododendron Wildlife Sanctuary & Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.

village tourism sikkim

Village Tour

Exploring the rural side of Sikkim is an eye opening experience. Observe the traditional lifestyle. Cross cane & bamboo bridges. Visit traditional village healers. Attend the cultural programs.

Hot Springs sikkim

Hot Springs

Hot springs are known to cure diseases, as their waters have therapeutic properties. Among the famous ones are Reshi hot spring, Barong & Rolling hot springs & Yumthang hot springs.

Fairs & Festivals sikkim

Fairs & Festivals

Beating of drums, trumpeting of horns & masked dances. These are some sights that greet you at Sikkim’s festivals. The famous festivals are Saga Dawa, Bhumchu & Dentam Rhododendron Kagyed Dance.

sikkim cuisine


Try the churpi, made from buttermilk. Thukpa, momo & sel roti are other dishes you should try. The cuisine of Sikkim is influenced by its three communities: Lepcha, Bhutia & Nepalese.

Shopping in sikkim


Shopping is a delightful experience in Sikkim. Lay your hands on Tibetan paintings, prayer wheels, incense sticks, Yak cheese, Tibetan woollen carpets and scrolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time for planning a family vacation in Sikkim?

March to May is the best time to plan a family vacation in Sikkim. Monsoons, which start in June and end in September, are marked by road blocks and landslides.

Q. Is it safe to travel to Sikkim with your family?

Yes, Sikkim is one of the safest places to travel with your family in India.

Q. What are the activities for Kids in Sikkim?

You can take your kids to the museums, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, festivals (if they coincide with your visit), monasteries and picnic spots.

Q. How is the mobile connectivity in Sikkim?

Sikkim enjoys good mobile connectivity. 4G network is available in Gangtok.

Q. Can we experience snowfall in Sikkim?

Heavy snowfall occurs during North Sikkim. The temperature often falls to subzero. If you visit in January, you can expect frozen lakes & regular snowfall. The famous Lake Gurudongmar is partially frozen.

Q. How many minimum days are required for a perfect family trip in Sikkim?

You should spend at least 7-10 days in Sikkim for a perfect family trip.

Q. What are the best visiting destinations in Sikkim with family?

Some of the destinations in Sikkim that are best for a family trip are Gangtok, Thangu Valley, Ravangla, Namchi and Ranipool, Kupup and Pelling.

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About Sikkim Family Tourism Packages

Sikkim’s landscape is characterised by the Himalayan Khangchendzonga mountain range, valleys, lakes, villages & forests wins your heart. The amicable environment lets you breathe deeply, filling your lungs with pure air & your mind with happiness. The entire state is pervaded by a relaxed aura that enhances its charm.

Sikkim is a perfect family travel destination for several reasons. There are plenty of sightseeing activities, lovely sights, rich wildlife, greenery & culture. There are pilgrimage destinations for the spiritually inclined.

Our Sikkim family tour packages cover all the famous tourist destinations in Sikkim. Enjoy cable car rides, visit Lake Tsomgo & have an enjoyable time at its capital with Sikkim Gangtok Family Holiday Packages. Our tour packages have something in store for your family members with different interests. If you love wildlife, you can visit Khangchendzonga National Park & other wildlife sanctuaries to spot rare Himalayan wildlife. You can spot animals like Himalayan Blue Sheep, Himalayan Black Bear, Tibetan Wild Ass & red panda.

A sightseeing tour in Sikkim should naturally cover its monasteries. They are an essential part of its culture & heritage. You can visit the famous monasteries in Sikkim with our Sikkim family tour packages. A few of these are Rumtek, Pemayangtse, Dubdi, Phodang and Dodrul Chorten.

There are also plenty of picnic spots in Sikkim where you can enjoy with your kids! Head to Bakthang Waterfalls, Tashi View Point, Saramsa Garden and Water Garden to enjoy a day out. Visiting the famous museums are other top things to do with your family. One of the most famous of these is the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. Its rich collection includes old manuscripts, coins and paintings.

Sikkim is rich in not just its landscape but also its culture. You can get an insight into it through its fairs & festivals. These are marked by masked dances, blowing of horns and beating of drums. You should try to attend festivals like Losoong, Saga Dawa, Jorthan Magey, Losar and Bhumchu. Observe the traditional dresses of the people. If you want, you can also wear a traditional dress during your time there! The buildings with their traditional architecture also call your attention.

Spend a family vacation in Sikkim with attractive tour packages for family. You can expect your family tour to be free of hassles & other travel related problems. We will take care of all your requirements & needs. Right from pick up to departure, leave it to us to make your entire Sikkim tour a comfortable and satisfying one.

Family Tours from Cities

Our Sikkim tour packages can be booked from the city you happen to be residing in. You can plan your family vacation from major cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. We will arrange the entire trip from your city to Sikkim, from pick up right up to departure!

Family Hotels & Resorts in Sikkim

You will find the best accommodation options in Sikkim in its capital, Gangtok. Family luxury hotels and resorts are found only in Gangtok. Other destinations in Sikkim have basic accommodation facilities. This is something you will have to remember while planning your trip. However, trust us! Tour My India will try to offer you the best accommodation during your family tour in Sikkim. We will ensure that your stays are comfortable.

Best Tips for Family Travel in Sikkim

  • Carry your identity proof with you at all times. You will be required to produce them at various checkpoints.
  • You should pack a lot of woollen clothes if you are visiting it during the winters. Winters in Sikkim can be harsh. If you are visiting it during summers, you will find the weather pleasant.
  • Wear comfortable footwear that allows you to walk and move easily.
  • Always carry enough cash with you at all times. Do not depend on ATM’s.
  • You should carry antibacterial creams, sunscreen lotions, woollen garments and first aid kit at all times.
  • Foreigners require a Restricted Area Permit (RAP), previously known as Inner Line Permit, to visit Sikkim. International tourists who want to enjoy trekking are required to obtain a Protected Area Permit (PAP). Indians too need to obtain a Protected Area Permit to visit the entire North Sikkim district as well as some areas in East Sikkim district. You can get detailed info at
  • You should read about Sikkim’s policy about birds and animals, sacred places, eco tourism & interacting with tribals before visiting it.
  • Be extremely careful during the snowfall while visiting Sikkim with your kids

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