Best Time to Visit Aurangabad

The best time to visit Aurangabad is during October to March months as this time of the year the climate is pleasant and you can take the best of the natural views amidst lush greenery. The district experiences a semiarid climate and the annual mean temperatures vary from 17 to 33 °C. The winters are the most comfortable time in Aurangabad, during the months of October to February.


The lowest recorded temperature was 2 °C (36 °F) on the date 2 February 1911. The cold waves from the western direction often influence the climate and then the minimum temperature can fall as low as 2 °C to 4 °C (35.6 °F to 39.2 °F). Winter is the best time to visit Aurangabad as the weather remains quite pleasant.


The summer season is hot and humid with approximate temperature ranging from 30°C to 38°C. The highest temperature recorded was 46 °C (114 °F) on 25 May 1905.


The monsoon season ranges from June to September and the majority thunderstorms are seen to happen between November to April. The annual rainfall on an average is about 710 mm. The monsoons seasons are always cloudy and they stay static for days together. The maximum temperature during the rainy season is about 22 °C.

Best Time to Visit Aurangabad

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