Mandwa Beach Alibag

Courtesy Bollywood movies, Mandwa is needless of any introduction. No wonder it is beautiful! When the gregarious waves splash the desert sand, and the sun starts playing hide and seek with the clouds, the beach start showing its true colors. But one thing that makes Mandwa Beach a hotspot amongst the travelers, especially the water sports lovers, are its nerve-wrecking water sports activities. Pristine, clean, undisturbed - the Mandwa beach is just the perfect place to enjoy beach activities, and relax.

Getting There

To reach Mandwa Beach, one can travel by a personal car or a bus. Shortest and the most convenient mean of transportation is via catamaran or ferry, which connects the Gateway of India, Mumbai, to Mandwa. Ferry services are available from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

Things to Do & See in and around

Jet-ski rides, banana rides, bumper rides and Kayaking are some of the must-try at the Mandwa Beach. Kolaba Fort, Kihim Beach, Buddhist Caves church, Hamam Khana, and Portuguese ruins are some of the places around Mandwa beach that are worth all the travellers attention.

Mandwa Beach Alibag

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