Top Tourist Attractions in Alibag

Formerly owned by the rich Israelite of Bene named Ali, Alibaug earned the name from the locales who termed it so along with ‘Alichi Bagh’ and ‘Gardens of Ali’, for the abundance of coconuts and mangoes he grew. Endowed with a rich opulence of tranquil beaches, vintage temples with intricate carvings, and medieval forts, and busy market places, Alibaug swanks being the popular tourist attraction in Maharashtra.

The Nagaon beach adorned by the betel, suru and coconut trees is the perfect escapade from the hubbub of the cities and encompassing other beaches like Kihim, Kasid, Mandwa, Murud etc. Initially built by the great Shivaji, the sea- fort of Kolaba owns sophisticated simulation of birds and animals on its walls. There are also temples that are devoted to Goddess Padmavati and Mahishashura. Assessed through fishing boats- Undheri fort is the remnant of some great historical battles. The sylvan forest of Kanakeshwar vaunts of green copiousness.

When in the coastal town, swimming in the primeval waters of the Akshi beach along with boating and fun water sports at Nagaon beach and shopping at Raigadi bazaar are some of the enthralling things to do.

Kihim Beach, which is adorned with awning greenery, rare species of animals and birds is one of the top sightseeing places in Albagh. Also, the Vrindavan Farm that hosts amicable walks into the prosperousness of custard apple trees, chikoo, crotons and sundry. The vintage temple at the soaring hill devoted to the supposedly powerful Hindu God, Hanuman, is blessed with an affluence of picturesque beauty surrounding it is indisputably the prominent religious place to see in Albagh.

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