Akshi Beach Alibag

Popular amongst the migratory birds, Akshi Beach often remains thronged with bird watchers and nature lovers. The beach is six kilometers away from the Alibaug, thus here one can hardly see any crowd. But since it's a fishing village, here one can expect to see the colorful boats. Ruddy turnstone, Plovers, Oystercatcher are some of the birds that often spotted here.

Getting There

If traveling from outside Mumbai, one can reach here by taking a ferry or personal transport. From anywhere in Alibaug, one can take a seven seater or rickshaw, which can be little expensive but worth all the efforts. By seven wheelers, the charges may be Rs 12/seat, and rickshaw would cost not more than Rs 120.

Things to Do & See in and around

Akshi Beach attracts a lot of migratory birds, that's why here the area remains thronged with bird watchers. Ruddy turnstone, Plovers, Oystercatcher and much more are of the prominent birds that are often spotted here.

Akshi Beach Alibag

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