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Tea Folk's Jhumur Nach in Assam

One of the most famous dance forms of Assam, Jhumur Nach is mainly performed by the tea tribes during the autumn season to take a break from their daily schedule, and special festivals. The worth noticing part of the dance form are its steps, which remain synchronized with ‘Madal’, a popular two-headed hand drum. Further accompanying the drums are flute, and pair of Taals that makes the music more harmonious. During the dance form, the dancers clasp tightly each other's waist while holding the precision of footwork. There are over 800 tea estates in Assam, and in each one of them, Jhumur Nach is performed on special occasions and festivals. The Jhumur Nach can be easily recognized by its costumes also as they are quite different from the regular traditional costumes. The male members wear long traditional dresses and woman wear sarees with broad borders. The dress is simple yet colorful.

Tea Folk's Jhumur Nach of Assam

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