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Mishing's Ali Ai Ligang Festival in Assam

Commemorated with harmony, and brotherhood by the Mishing Tribe during the spring season for over five days, Ali Ai Ligang Festival is a prominent spring festival of Assam, and probably the most colorful one. 'Ali' means root and seed, “ai” means fruit and “Ligang” means sow, the festival marks the onset of sowing seeds. After the ceremonial start of paddy sowing, a tribal dance called Gumrag is performed by the young boys, and girls. The dance involves a lot of rapid stepping, flinging and fluttering of hands on the beats of the instruments like the drums, sifung (flutes), cymbal, gong and gungang (gagana). The food menu of the festival includes treats like ‘Poro Aapong’ or rice beer, dried fish and Pork is a must. ‘Purang Apin’ (packed boiled rice) is specially prepared by the Misings only for festival. During the festival, activities like cutting trees, plowing, fishing, and burning jungles are strictly prohibited.

Ali Ai Ligang Festival of Assam

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