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Bodo's Bagurumba Dance in Assam

The most intriguing part of Assam culture is that there are different dance and music forms for every festival. One such dance form is Bagurumba, which is performed by the Bodo tribe to mark the Bwisagu festival with their colorful dokhna, jwmgra (fasra) and aronai. Dance is incomplete without music, and so is in the case of Bagurumba festival, which is accompanied by the instruments like kham (a long drum, made of wood and goatskin or other animal’s skin), sifung (flute, made of bamboo), jota (made of iron/Tama), serja (a bowed instrument, made of wood and animals skin), and gongwna (made of bamboo), tharkha (a piece of split bamboo). The music has many elements of nature involved like dance of plants, the dance of animals, birds, butterfly dance, wave of flowing river, wind etc which makes it even more relaxing.

Bagurumba Dance Assam

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