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Sutarkandi- Indo-Bangladesh Border Assam

Famous for having an International trade centre, Sutarkandi is the International border of India and Bangladesh. Through this space, export of fruits, silicon and coal is done. The place is situated in the district of Karimganj, Assam. The place has a huge scope of tourism and the government of Assam is working on the same. It is located 14km away from Karimganj and contains principal custom check post for the trade flow. Two national highway runs through Sutarkandi that is National Highway 151 (old) and National Highway 7 (new) which is 45 km from the border of Sylhet town of Bangladesh.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The International Trade Centre near the Indo-Bangladesh border is one of the two popular things to see near Sutarkandi. The second is the Indo-Bangladesh Border where you can see lots of BSF and Bangladesh guards guarding the respective countries that will give you a similar view of Wagha Border between India and Pakistan.

Getting There

The place is very near to Karimganj and state government buses run through the place. You can simply take a bus that goes to Sutarkandi and can reach the place in some time. Other transports like auto rickshaw and cabs are also available on rental basis. You can also take the private car and reach this point from nearby cities.

Sutarkandi- Indo-Bangladesh Border Assam

Best Time to Visit

You can visit the place throughout the year and can enjoy the far off views of Bangladesh which is seen from Sutarkandi. Since rainy seasons are bit messy so it is best to visit during dry winter seasons.

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