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Malegarh Crematorium of Sepoy Mutiny Soldiers Assam

A constant reminder of the past, Malegarh Crematorium is considered a historic place where the brave soldiers of The Revolt of 1857 were cremated. More than 50 soldiers lost their lives during the revolt and the place was earlier under Sylhet district of Bangladesh which was before the Independence of India was under Karimganj district of West Bengal. It served as a battle field during the 1857 sepoy mutiny. Around 34 Native Infantry Regiments fought the battle against the British soldiers. The place falls along the Indo-Bangladesh border was a point of skirmish at the time of mutiny. However, both BSF and Bangladesh border guards shifted their border fences to prevent the actual site from falling into a no man’s zone. There is a marble and stone plaque present in the site which describes the story of the war. Necessary efforts and steps are taken for the preservation of the historical place by the state archaeology department.

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There are various crematoriums present where the sepoys were cremated, this crematoriums reflects bravery and valor by every means. You will also find inscriptions and plaques describing the stories of war that took place at that time. Apart from this, two other spots, Malegarh-Sepoy Mutiny Point-1 and Malegarh-Sepoy Mutiny Point-2 are a centre of attraction for tourists.

Getting There

Local transport services are available for tourists to reach Malegarh Crematorium. Government buses run through the place and auto rickshaws and cabs are also available but at comparatively higher fare than that of buses. Well connected adventurous roads make the journey worth enjoying.

Malegarh Crematorium Karimganj, Assam

Well connected adventurous roads make the journey worth enjoying.

Best Time to Visit

There is no such time as best time and you can visit the place any time of the year. Rainy seasons are not advisable but dry winter seasons are good to visit the place.

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