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Badarpur Fort Assam

Located in the Karimganj district of Assam, Badarpur Fort is an important tourist destination. It was built during the Mughal era and was a part of the present-day Sylhet district. It is situated along the banks of Barak River and extensive restoration work is going on to attract more tourists.

It is spread over a vast area and entry through the main entrance, which is still standing tall, takes you inside the fort, most of which is in ruins. The view of the Barak River from this place is beautiful.

Things to See and Do in and Around

Karimganj is beautiful place and spells nature all around owing to this site to some extent . The Chhatachura Range originates from the southeast border of the district. The highest peak is at an elevation of 2087 feet. Badarpur is at an elevation of 500 feet which is the lowest in this range.

Son Beel is a beautiful wetland here with hills on both its east and west side. Malegarh Crematorium, the place where the bodies of sepoy mutiny soldiers were cremated is here. Eolabari Tea Estate is a beautiful garden and is located only 15 km from Karimganj. Khashpur, though 85 km away is yet another place that you can visit. It is a historic site and has sprawling tea gardens as well.

Getting There

Badarpur Fort can be reached directly from Silchar and Lumding via rental cars. Badarpur is around 27 km from Karimganj city and you get buses and cabs to reach this fort. You can avail taxis from Silchar and Shillong Airports to reach this fort. State buses and private buses ply between Karimganj and nearby towns and cities on regular basis and the bus stands have enough taxis and auto rickshaws to take you to the fort.

Badarpur Fort Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Badarpur Fort is during winter. Summers are hot and River Barak overflows with water during monsoon. Winter is pleasant and dry.

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