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Sankardev Kalakshetra Museum Guwahati

In the Panjabari area of Guwahati, there is a cultural institution known as the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra Museum, or just Kalakshetra. The institution is in the name of a famous playwright and poet of the medieval period called Srimanta Sankaradev. He was also a follower of the Vaishnava religion, and some people even consider him a vaishnavite saint. This is a nonprofit cultural institution which, apart from the museum includes library, and various preserving facilities. There is even a children’s park within the premises of institution. The museum exhibits different types of items which are used by the diversified ethnic groups of Assam. A number of cultural objects of the state are also displayed in the museum. There is an open air theatre in the premises, where traditional dance and drama are performed. The idea in the institution as well as the museum is to preserve the diversity of the state without harming the unity of it. The architecture of the place also reflects the cultural heritage of Assam.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

The Sankardeva Kalakshetra Museum attracts a number of visitors, who are interested in the ethnic art and cultural diversity of Assam. There is also an artists’ village within the premises, which the tourists can visit. The scenic view of hills is another attraction for the tourists. There is another museum called the Bhupen Hazarika Museum dedicated to the famous folk singer of Assam that can be visited. At times performances are organized in the open-air theatre of the institute for the visitors.

Getting There

Since the Kalakshetra Museum is situated in Guwahati itself, it is not difficult to reach the place. Taxis and buses from many parts of the city are easily available for the museum.

Sankardev Kalakshetra Science Museum Guwahati

Best Time to Visit

The Kalakshetra institution remains open all days of the week. You can travel to this place as and when you want. However, since it is situated in Guwahati which has sub tropical weather, the summer months should ideally be avoided. Monsoon can also be hazardous with heavy raining. Thus, it is better to travel here during the months of spring and winter.

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