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Jor Pukhuri Guwahati

Built centuries ago, Jorpukhuri is believed by many to be deserving of the status of being one of heritage sites of Assam. Jor Pukhuri or thw twin ponds were built by Swargadeo Siva Singha to fulfill the requirements of water of the Ugratara Temple. It is also additionally built to connect with the great Brahmaputra River via the Naojan Channel which is operable for the naval ships and boats used by Ahom royalties who visited the Ugratara Temple. Hence, Jorpukhuri has a lot of historical importance attached to it. But with the passage of time, British rulers built a road which separated the original waterbody and transformed it into two ponds. This incident made it earn its name, Jor Pukhuri which when literally translated stands for Twin Ponds. Jorpukhuri is an excellent nesting ground for several species like Cranes, Herons and Egrets, who build their nests in the nearby trees.

Popular Things to Do & See in and around

You can spend few hours exploring the extent and constructions of the water tank constructed by Ahom rulers and explore the Ugratara Temple that is adjoining Jor Pukhuri. You can also check out the nearby places of attraction like the Uzan Bazar which is one of the oldest settlements of Guwahati; Maas Ghat; and Baruwari Puja Mandap.

Getting There 

You can visit Nehru Park by simply boarding a bus, taxi or auto in Guwahati with minimal costings. The road conditions are good which lets you enjoy a short, pain-free ride.

Best Time to Visit

Jor Pukhuri experiences pleasant weather all year around which makes it a prime tourist attraction of Assam

Jor Pukhuri Guwahati, Assam

In summers, the temperatures go as high up as 36 degree Celsius which makes it a bit hot yet not enough to ruin your tour. Rain pelts down quite heavily during July to September. Winters, i.e., October to March, is a comfortable season to visit Jor Pukhuri when the temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degree Celsius.

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