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Digholi Pukhuri Guwahati

The city of Guwahati has a beautiful man-made pond which is rectangular in shape and is named as the Digholi Pukhuri. The history attached to this pond says that is was created by Bhagadatta who constructed it by digging a canal from River Brahmaputra. This canal was used by the Ahoms as the naval yard during the ancient times. Today it is one of the prominent tourist spots of the city where you can enjoy boat rides and other recreational activities. There is also a children park within the lake complex. The couples have a gala time here sitting beside the lake and spending some time with their loved ones.

This place is also an ideal one for organizing a family get together where you get to rejoice with everyone amidst a beautiful ambience. It is also a place where activities like rowing championships are held. The lake offers a breathtaking view during the evenings when the place is lit up with several lights. There is a café near this lake where you can relax and enjoy coffee after relishing the boat ride. Capture some really good moments spent here with your family.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

After spending some quality time at Digholi Pukhuri, one must visit the Assam State Museum which is located near to the lake. There also many other important places that are located on the bank of this lake. Taking a leisure walk in this place can really refresh you body and mind.

Getting There 

Being located at the heart of the city, the Digholi Pukhuri is very easy to reach. The tourists can either hire a bus or an auto rickshaw to reach the destination.

Digholi Pukhuri Guwahati, Assam

Best Time to Visit

It is best to plan holidays here between the months of October and February when you can truly enjoy exploring the city.

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