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Dadan Hill Goalpara

The Goalpara district of Assam is a wonderful holiday destination which has a number of well known tourist spots. One such tourist attraction is the Dadan Hill, on top of which a Shiva temple is situated. According to a legend, a general of the king of Sonitpur, Bana, called Dadan, had killed a wild elephant here as it used to disturb him during his meditation. He was a disciple of Shiva and had established the temple on top of the hill. A sculpture of the elephant made by rock is also found on the river bank of Dariduri. Apart from the religious importance, the spot surrounded by green mountains is also well known for its breathtaking beauty.

Popular things to do & see in and around

Due to the religious significance of the place, a number of people, especially people belonging to the Raba community visit this place quite often. Moreover, this is also an important archaeological site, as a number of rock sculpture and figurines of ancient times have been found in this area. Moreover, this is a place preferred by trekkers. Also, the beauty of the mountain, river and the forest ensures that people enjoy their holiday in this place.

Getting There 

From Goalpara bus stand there are a number of buses available to different places. Taxis are also available to reach the place.

Dadan Hill Goalpara, Assam

Best Time to Visit

If you want to visit the Dadan Hill, the best time for the trip will be between October and March or April. The winter is the best time to visit the place, though the early summer is not too harsh. However, it is important to avoid the monsoon time, as heavy rains can disturb your travel plans.

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