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Kumri Beel Lake Goalpara

The Goalpara district of the North Eastern state of Assam has a number of picturesque locations. The Kumri Beel lake is one such locations and a famous tourist spot of the area. Kumri is a natural lake which attracts a number of travelers, photographers and nature lovers with its ethereal beauty. The lake is located at 11 km distance from the Goalpara town, and is also a spot where a number of migratory birds fly to, during winter. It is surrounded by lush green forest and marshy lands, which further enhances the beauty of the place. It is only 1 km away from the Narnarayan Setu, which makes it easily accessible to most travelers.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The lake is a well known place for bird watching as a number of migratory birds come to this place. Moreover, during the winter and spring season, the place serves as a popular picnic spot for many. Further there is also boating facility available in the lake, and thus, if you want to enjoy the serene lake minus the hustle and bustle of the people, boating is a good option. The Paglatek temple is also nearby, and can be visited.

Getting There 

The Narnarayan Setu, which is only a kilometer away from the Kumri Bill lake makes transportation to and from the place easy. From Goalpara Bus stand buses and taxis are available to this place.

Best Time to Visit

The district of Goalpara does not get too hot even during the summer months of March and April.

Kumri Beel Goalpara, Assam

However, the best time to visit the Kumri Beel lake is during the winter season, because, firstly, the weather remains cool and dry and secondly a number of migratory birds could be seen in the lake. Monsoon brings heavy shower to the region and therefore, should be ideally avoided.

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