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Urpad Beel Lake Goalpara

One of the biggest lakes in lower Assam is the Urpad Beel Lake, situated in Agia, 9 km away from the Goalpara town, towards the capital of Assam, Guwahati. It is another natural lake which is located in the district of Goalpara, and has a number of natural resources, which actually makes livelihood easier for several people in the area. For example, the lake is full of fishes, and fishing is one of the popular professions here. A number of water plants such as the water lily, the water hyacinth, etc also abound this lake, thus enhancing its aesthetic appeal to the viewer. There are a number of birds which are natives of the lake including adjutant stork, egret, whistling teal, king fisher etc. Moreover, a number of migratory birds come to the lake each year.

Popular things to do & see in and around

The most popular thing to do in the place is bird watching, especially between October and March, when a number of migratory birds visit this place. The place is also quite fascinating for nature lovers and the photographers, who have a busy time here clicking pictures of the flora and fauna of the lake.

Getting There 

The closest bus stop will be Goalpara town, from where taxis, cars along with buses are available to the Urpad Beel lake and it does not take too long to reach there from Goalpara.

Best Time to Visit

If you are visiting the Urpad Beel lake, make sure, you plan your trip between October and March.

Urpad Beel Lake Goalpara, Assam

Not only the weather condition remains perfect during this period, you also be able to see a number of migratory birds of various types in the lake. It is advisable to avoid this place during the monsoon months, as the rains make travelling difficult and the view of the fauna almost impossible.

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