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Koli Aai Thaan Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh in Assam is known to be visited by many tourists from all over the country; among the many places to see here the most visited one is the Koli Aai Thaan. This is one of the oldest thaans belonging to the Ahom period. This religious site is dedicated to the daughter of the chief priest of Dibaru Satra of the state of Assam. His daughter’s name was Koli Aai and thus this thaan derived its name Koli Aai Thaan. As the satra had no male heir, Koli Aai continued to keep this religious site alive in the minds of the people. She started preaching many principles and ideals that touched the minds of the followers. It is believed that she had magical powers and one day Koli Aai vanished from the town and left behind many disciples who strongly believed in the values she had imbibed in them. This holy site is still considered to be very pious by the people living here and there are no temples or idols to be worshipped here.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

This thaan has got a very strong impact on the religious beliefs of the people of Assam and even today many devotees visit this site to pay respect to Koli Aai. Apart from this there are many other satras at Dibrugarh which are also a must visit. Some of the notable satras or masteries here are Dehing Namtii Satra, Garpara Satra and the Dehing Satra. These spiritual places in Assam let us know about the culture and beliefs of the people living here and all are located very close by.

Getting There 

Dibrugarh is well connected with all the major cities of the country via railways roadways and airways.

Koli Aai Thaan Dibrugarh, Assam

The tourists get many buses and taxis to commute within the city that aid in local sightseeing apart from the tourists buses that conduct specific tourist routes.

Best Time to Visit

Dibrugarh tourism is best enjoyed during the winter months when the chilly winds bring down the temperature to about 7 degrees Celsius.

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