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Jeypore Rainforest Dibrugarh

Nature at it’s best, Jeypore Forest in Dibrugarh in the state of Assam is something that you cannot to afford to miss. Spread over an area of 108 sq. km, this forest is famous for its biodiversity and is full of various species of flora and fauna. It comes under world heritage of evergreen rain forest and it rains almost all throughout the year.

The forest has more than 102 species of orchids here along with a wide variety of animals and plants. Some of the common trees that are abundant in the forest are Ajar, Segun, Nahar, Bohot, and Sam. Hollong is the dominant species of trees here and the these trees reach up to a height of 50 metres. Animals that can be seen in this forest are elephants, hornbills, leopards, flying squirrels, pythons, spotted deer, and langurs to name a few. Jeypore Rainforest covers a huge area and it takes a lot of time in exploring even the areas where where tourists usually go.

Popular Things to See and Do in and Around

Jeypore Rainforest is an ideal place to see the orchids and tall trees of Hollong. The Dehing-Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is an important attraction close to this place. This sanctuary is home to a vast variety of animals as well.

Getting There 

Jeypore rainforest can be reached by taking rented cars from Naharkatia. Regular buses are available that take you to this forest and this is the cheapest option that you have from all the nearby cities and towns. Buses are available from Guwahati and Naharkatia as well.

Jeypore Rainforest Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place during the Rainforest festival, which is one of a kind in the country. It takes place during the second week of February and you can take part in a number of adventure activities like rafting, camping, trekking, elephant riding, and bird watching.

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