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Temples in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is considered as an important district in the state of Assam and is the largest tea exporting place in our country. There are a plethora of attractions in Dibrugarh, which have made it a place of interest for tourists, especially for people with religious sentiments. The town is spotted with many temples or dols which form an important part of tourism here. The Raidongia Dol is of the main temples of the town located near the Dihingia Barbarua road. This religious site had about 24 statues on the walls earlier out which 14 can still be seen today. The idols seen here have height of about 45 feet. This place was established in 700 AD by Swargodeo Pramatta Singha. Initially, the place was dedicated in the worship of Lord Vishnu but later on it came to be known as the Shiva Dol. You will find many relics relating to the Ahom kingdom preserved inside the dol. There is a large water body located just adjacent to the temple premises. This temple is considered to be of huge significance for the people living here.

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The town has many other temples that are dedicated to many deities. There are also many satras or monasteries that had been constructed in this town. The Dehing satra is a must visit when you are at Dibrugarh. A visit to these several religious places and experiencing the spiritual ambience of these sites deliver peace of the mind to the visitors.

Getting There 

One can reach the Dibrugarh town via railways, roadways and airways from any part of the country. The city has ample number of autos, buses and taxis that help the tourists in moving about from one place to another without any difficulties.

Temples in Dibrugarh, Assam

The dols are located close by and can be reached in no time via auto rickshaws and taxis.

Best Time to Visit

The tea city of India has a moderate climate all round the year. The summer season remains quaint and breezy and monsoons bring heavy rainfall. The winters are chilly cold with temperature dropping down to 7 degrees Celsius. The winter months however, are considered ideal to plan holidays here.

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