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Maa Manipuri Than Dhemaji

The Dhemaji district is one of the popular places of interest in Assam and among the many attractions in this district one of the most visited pilgrimage site is the Maa Manipuri Than which is located towards the south western side of Dhemaji. This temple was established during the rule of the Ahom dynasty. It is an ancient temple that is surrounded by dense grasslands and hills and is still considered to be a place of immense importance at Dhemaji. It is said that the temple was built by King Gaurinath Singh so that the natives living here could prepare themselves for the Mua Mariah renaissance. Today, many devotees travel to this religious site to seek the blessings of the almighty and also take a glimpse of the culture and historical significance. The locals living around this site are known to be creators of beautiful arts and crafts.

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Dhemaji district is a place that has a close connection with archeology and many ancient remains have been excavated here and they lie quite close to Maa Manipuri Than, namely Malini than (24 kms) and Ghuguha Dol – both the sites can be reached in no time by road hiring any local transport. There is an angling and fishing site around 28 kms from Maa Manipuri than. Other worth visiting places nearby are Bardoibum-Beelmukh Wildlife Sanctuary (30 kms), Gerukamukh (31 kms), and Ghugulani (77 kms).

Getting There 

Reaching Dhemaji from the city Guwahati is very convenient for the travelers. You can avail local means of transportation like rental cars to reach the temple.

Maa Manipuri Than Dhemaji, Assam

Commuting within the district takes few hours for the tourists as many private cars and buses ply on the national highway roads at regular intervals, auto rickshaws are also available to take tourists to remote local areas.

Best Time to Visit

The winter months are considered the best time to plan trips at Dhemaji district when the cool and chilling climate adds to the beauty of the destination.

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