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Best Time to Visit Dhemaji

Dhemaji has been blessed with tranquility that you will not find in any other tourist destinations. This recently discovered gem is a farmer’s town with rural life being more practiced here. Located in the North East corner of Assam, Dhemaji experiences climate much like the entire state of Assam. It experiences a sub-tropical monsoon type of climate and predominantly features only 3 seasons- summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer (Apr-Jun):

The temperature ranges between 23 degree Celsius and 33 degree Celsius which makes the town a bit warm. Summer can be a wonderful time to visit Dhemaji because of the dry and slightly warm and cool weather conditions.

Monsoon (Jun-Oct):

Rainfall happens abundantly and irregularly during this season which makes it very hard for even the locals to stay here. It gets annually flooded and locals have to take shelter in safety camps. It is advised to avoid a monsoon trip to Dhemaji.

Winter (Nov-Mar):

The temperature ranges between 11 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius. During this season, rainfall is scanty and the region enjoys a pleasant, dry weather which makes it a perfect weather to visit Dhemaji. The weather becomes quite comfortable and Dhemaji becomes an excellent destination for a winter getaway.

Best Time to Visit Dhemaji, Assam

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