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Gerukamukh Dhemaji

The Dhemaji district has a serene backdrop in the lap of Assam and amongst many attractions of this district one of the most prominent places is the Gerukamukh which is just about 44 kms from Dhemaji. One of the unique features of Gerukamukh Sobansiri is that the largest tributary of River Brahmaputra flow through these plains from the hills. The riverbed is composed of sand mixed with pebbles and boulders. This spot is said to be one of the most beautiful sites for planning a picnic and enjoying a day out with your friends and family amidst green valleys and paddy fields. Popular activities like nature walks and angling are best enjoyed at Gerukamukh. The scenic beauty of the place makes it one of the must visit sightseeing spots in Dhemaji.

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The surrounding and location of the place makes it picturesque and an ideal spot for photography. If you are obsessed about capturing nature in your lenses then this place is perfect to fulfill your desires. Enjoying a day amidst the exquisite natural beauty will definitely be a spark in your holiday plans. Apart from being a sightseeing spot, Gerukamukh is also well known for a major Hydro Electric Power Project that has been implemented in the district recently. The temples near the site additionally make it a place to be worth visiting. The religious culture of the district can be witnessed by visiting the nearby Maa Manipuri Than and Malini Thal.

Getting There 

Dhemaji district is well connected with roadways, airways and railways making the place an easy access for the travelers.

Gerukamukh Dhemaji, Assam

As for the local transportation network, the district has ample number of autos and buses that helps people to move about freely in the town. To reach out to remote sites you can avail the auto rickshaws that ask for a negligible fare.

Best Time to Visit

This site at Dhemaji is best enjoyed during the winter season when the weather is pleasantly cool for planning a picnic.

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