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Dzudu Lake Phek

If you are ever near Thuvopisumi Village, you must go to the top of Mount Zanibu, it where you shall find the tourist attraction Dzudu Lake. This mystical lake is surrounded by lush greenery and is a wonderful sight to behold. As because of its proximity to Mt. Zanibu, it is also called the Zanibu Lake. The Dzudu Lake is the heart of lush forests and sparkles amongst all the green. The lake is considered to be sacred and well-protected by the spiritual guardians. It is strictly prohibited to use the water of this lake to drink or bath and even create nuisance. It is one of the places to visit while you’re in Nagaland. Some legends say that the lake has mysterious powers and this also allures many of its visitors. The Dzudu Lake is shrouded in tales and mysteries. As local tales say, the lake was first spotted by a villager on a deer hunt. After the hunter followed the deer for a week, he could spot the deer drinking from the stream leading to this lake. Seven different streams flow into the Dzudu Lake forming it to be a reservoir.

The surroundings are deep forest, in ancient days it was said that it is rich in ivory and other resources as well. This fact pulled the British Army with required machinery equipments and they dried up the lake in order to procure the rich natural resources. However, the local folklore says that the lake having supernatural powers, destroyed all the equipment they used. Any kind of treading in the lake is not allowed; swimming, bathing or creating any nuisance in the forest will result in hunting of the spirits of the lake. You will notice one strange thing that the lake is covered with trees all around, but no leaves can be seen floating; The leaves falling on the lake stays at the most for 2 days and then sinks to the bottom. Phek has earned a popular name as a tourism spot in Nagaland due to scenic beauty of Dzudu Lake.

Popular Things to do & See

Dzudu Lake is quite popular for its view, but it is also a great attraction to bird watchers. It is a haven for those who love bird-watching and nature. If you’re an ardent bird watcher, pack your bags take a high grade camera and visit Dzudu Lake. It has a large collection of area specific North-Eastern Indian birds and many migratory birds.

Dzudu Lake, Nagaland

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars to reach this lake from neighbouring villages and towns.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dzudu Lake is during the months of autumn and winter, i.e., between the months of October and April.

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