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Phek Museum Phek

To see the well-preserved cultural artefacts of Nagaland, you must visit the Phek Museum. This tourist attraction is an excellent destination to get the summary of the cultural and history of the Nagas and its notable tribes. The Phek Museum houses a large collection of artefacts and handicrafts of the local tribes. However, the collection on display represents not only the cultural manifestation of the tribes but also their artistic qualities and traditions. The museum displays the tribes’ costumes, weapons, jewellery, utensils, paintings, books and much more. The museum is most definitely astounding and the walls of it are also adorned with carvings that are equally mesmerising.

Popular Things to do & See

To extend your cultural knowledge about the tribes of Phek District, a visit to this museum is a must. With a rich culture and bountiful of traditions upheld by the local tribesmen, Phek Museum gives tourists an opportunity to view the North-Easterns styles and traditions under one roof. It is one of the places to visit to acquire extensive knowledge about Nagaland.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars and or take a state run bus to reach Phek, and then take a local transport to reach the museum

Best Time to Visit

It can be visited all around the year, however the summer months are comfortable than the chilling winter and wet monsoon months.

Phek Museum, Nagaland

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