Mangala Gauri Pooja in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra the Mangala Gauri vrat is considered to be a very pious fast observed mainly by the newly married women. On this day, special pujas are performed in dedication of Goddess Gowri. Women dress up in traditional wears to perform this puja. By observing this ritual, women seek the blessings of Goddess Gowri for the well being of their husbands and for a happy married life together. Beautiful rangolis are drawn by the women on this day and the pooja area is also decorated nicely. In this puja 16 laddus are offered by married women to their sister-in-laws and mother-in-law and then this Prasad is offered to a Brahmin. After this, the devotees light up 16 wick lamps to perform aarti in front of the Goddess. On the following day of the puja the idol of the Goddess Gowri is immersed in a pond. It is said that this puja once started should be performed for 5 consecutive years for the peace and harmony of the family.

Duration of the festival

This ritual is generally performed on Tuesdays of the Shravana maasa which is popularly called the Shravana Maasa Mangalvar. It starts from the first Tuesday of the month and continues to the last Tuesday of the month.

History of the Attraction

As per our Hindu mythology there is a story behind the observance of this fast named the Mangala Gauri. Once there was a merchant named Dharampal who was very wealthy and had a very beautiful wife. They had no children and were not happy in their lives but finally they had a baby boy who was cursed to be dying of snake bite at the age of sixteen years. Before attaining the age of sixteen he got married to a girl whose mother performed this vrat. As such she was blessed by a girl who would never become widow in her life. Thus the boy she got married to attained a life of hundred long years. Following this story it is believed that every newly married woman should observe this fast to maintain a happy life with their partners.

Mangala Gauri Pooja

Highlights/ Important Rituals of the Festival

  • This vrata is considered to be a very powerful ritual where wives pray for the long life of their partners.
  • This pooja can also be performed on Fridays during the monsoon months if anyone misses out on Tuesday.
  • The method and mantras used in this puja varies from region to region but what mainly matters is the devotion with which it is performed.
  • Generally vegetarian food is eaten on this day if anyone cannot perform the fast for the whole day.

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