Banganga Festival in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and Indian Heritage Society Mumbai, with their combined efforts annually celebrate the a two-day festival, Banganga during the month of January. It is a musical festival which is held in the compound of Walkeshwar Temple in Malabar Hills. In the year 1992, the 1st Banganga Festival was held with musical performances by many a popular singers and musicians who were famous on a nationwide basis. The Banganga festival is essentially a live classical musical concert and all those love classical music eagerly wait for this festival all year round. You can reach this festival easily as it is conveniently accessible by bus, trains and taxis. The true charm of the Banganga festival is the ringing of the bells during the musical performances of pieces composed by unknown talented poets. The whole rhythmic bell ringing brings in the taste of nostalgia and spirituality. Even though the festival is relatively new, it has actually developed to become quite popular amongst both locals and tourists. Flocks and flocks of ardent music lovers gather around the Malabar Hills simply to witness and enjoy the culturally holistic musical experience. The aim of the Banganga Festival is merely to celebrate the existing rich reservoir of cultural heritage.

History of the Attraction

Just beside the Walkeshwar Temple, this was built by the rulers of Silhara Dynasty in between the 9th and 13th century, the Banganga tank lies which is the namesake of this festival. It was built by the rulers to store water. Unfortunately both the temple and tank were destroyed by the Portuguese and had to be renovated to their former glory in the year 1715. With the progress of years, different people built and established many temples devoted to numerous deities’ right across the tank.

Duration of the festival

During the month of January of each year, you’ll find the city of Mumbai being lighted up for this festival.

Banganga Festival

Highlights/ Important Rituals of the Festival

  • The Banganga festival is held to promote and conserve the heritage site of Walkeshwar Temple and the Banganga tank.
  • The Banganga festival has performances by prominent and eminent classical musicians.
  • During the 2 days of the festival, the Malabar Hills is lighted up and decorated like a bride to celebrate the occasion.
  • This festival is held to uphold and preserve the cultural legacy and knowledge about classical music.

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