Kalidas Festival in Maharashtra

As the name may have suggested, the Kalidas Festival is celebrated in the honor of great Indian poet Kalidas who is considered one of the greatest classical Sanskrit writers with skills magnified in the literary fields of drama and poetry. The Kalidas Festival is held in the city of Ramtek, Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra. The Kalidas Festival is held during the month of November on an annual basis and celebrates the cultural heritage tied up to the literary works of Kalidas. The festival goes on for 2 whole days and is especially held in Ramtek because much of Kalidas’s works mention and talk candidly of the beauty and magnificence of the place. So what better place to rejoice and revel the merriment of Kalidas Festival? Most of the festival is predominated by the artful depictions of Kalidas’s works by songs, plays and dance performances.

Duration of the festival

During the month of November of each year, you’ll find the city of Ramtek, Nagpur gearing up for this festival.

Highlights/ Important Rituals of the Festival

  • Kalidas Festival is celebrated for another reason that is to popularize the city of Nagpur.
  • The festival is essential for not only learning about the cultural heritage but also to explore the wildlife and places of interest nearby.
  • Kalidas Festival is a great cultural mission to emboss the memories and moments of the Golden age of Vidharbha region.
  • It is visited by a large number of singers, dancers, dramatists, classical musicians and instrumentalists every year.
Kalidas Festival

History of the Attraction

Kalidas had penned much of his renowned works like Ritusamhaara, Meghaduta and Kumarasambhava in Ramtek, Nagpur. He originates from the 4th century A.D. and has been celebrated on national basis since then. To uphold his legacy and traditional work, Kalidas Festival is held here every year during the month of November.

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