Bagh Rauza Ahmednagar

Bagh Rauza marks the grave of Ahmed Nizam Shah, who was the founder of Bagh Rauza marks the grave of Ahmed Nizam Shah, the founder of Nizam Shahi Dynasty and of the city - Ahmednagar. Though in a deplorable condition, it is a black stone monument overlooking the lush green fields, which is adorned with domes that has fine gold inscription on it of the quotes from Koran. Popularly named as 'Garden Of Shrine’, this monument has great historical significance, hence visited by many tourists on their visit to this city.

Bagh Rauza is a small complex that holds the tomb of Ahmed Nizam Shah, along with few other important personalities of the Nizam Shahi Dynasty and who were very close to Ahmed Nizam himself. Each of the tombs are safeguarded by a dome structure, that follows the Mughal and Persian style of architecture. The dome that shelters the shrine of Ahmed Nizam Shah is the grandest of all the other dome structures, made with intricate detailing.

On a visit to the Bagh Rauza, make a point to visit the Tomb of Ghulam Ali, a royal elephant who died fighting a battle against the Raja of Vijayanagar. Also here one can find the tombs of various other important personalities, each with a unique Mughal and Persian architecture and tomb style.

Bagh Rauza Ahmednagar

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