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Umwang Village Karbi Anglong

In the Donka tehsil of Karbi Anglong district of Assam, the serene village of Umwang is situated with a backdrop to gaze in awe. The Donka block has 568 villages, of which Umwang is one. It is known to be a temperate grassland and the whole area is about 35 km in height. The table land of Umwang has three small rivers bordering its three sides, and one big river encircling it. The place is quite close to Meghalaya, and also to another temperate grassland and tourist center, Khanduli. There is a bridle path connecting Khanduli to Umwang that makes of a good trekking route. This place attracts a number of adventure sports enthusiasts, who take up trekking or different water sports in the river of Barapani.

Popular things to do & see in and around

There are a number of things that the tourists can do in the Umwang region. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of the place, trek to or from Khanduli, and Baithalangso Tikka Tourist center are organized. Apart from that, angling and river rafting in Barapani River are some other sports which attract the tourists here. The place also has a 15 to 18 holes golf course, and horse riding and hand gliding facilities.

Getting There

The closest airport from this place is situated at Umroi at Meghalaya, which is only 15 km away and you can take direct cabs or private cars from the airport to reach Umwang. The district of Karbi Anglong is well connected with Guwahati in Assam through road routes via local and state buses that ply regularly. Also, the district has a few railway stations, which makes reaching Umwang easier for the tourists.

Umwang Karbi Anglong, Assam

Best Time to Visit

If you are visiting Umwang, it is better to avoid the months between June and August, as the weather remains hot and humid during this time, making it uncomfortable to engage in any kinds of activity. Also, the rains could disrupt trekking or river rafting sports. For the rest of the year the weather remains comfortable, though the best time to visit the place will be early winter and spring.

Popular Tourist Places to See in Karbi Anglong

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