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Khanduli Karbi Anglong

Khanduli, situated in the block or Tehsil of Donka, in the district of Karbi Anglong is also known as the New Zealand of the east owing to its breathtaking locales and sceneries. This is a temperate grassland and has similar characteristics like its adjacent grassland of Umwang. The grassland has undulating molds which looks like sand dunes of a desert, in the moonlight, and thus attracts a number of tourists, for its scenic beauty, if not anything else. The place is 26 km away from the headquarters of the west Karbi Anglong, called Hamren. Khanduli attracts a number of visitors, who come to unwind far away from the stressful life of the cities.

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The grassland of Khanduli is quite popular with the honeymooners, due to its secluded location and ethereal beauty. Moreover, trekkers also come to Khanduli and take up trekking expeditions to Umwang, connected to Khanduli by a dirt road. However, the place has yet to develop to its fullest potential as a tourist spot.

Getting There

Guwahati is about 198 km from Khanduli. Taxis can be hired from Guwahati to reach the grassland area. Shillong airport of the Umroi Airport is closest to this village and direct cars are available to reach the spot. Also in the district of Karbi Anglong, there are a number of railway stations that have direct local transport facilities to Khanduli.

Khanduli Karbi Anglong, Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Khanduli is during winter and spring. However, the weather conditions here, like the other places of Karbi Anglong remains comfortable throughout the year, except during the late summer and monsoon period. Thus, the months of June, July and August should be avoided while visiting the grassland of Khanduli in Assam.

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