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Sualkuchi Kamrup

Sualkuchi, a sleepy village in the northern bank of the river Brahmaputra is the center of Assam’s textile production, which has earned it the name of Manchester of India. The weaver’s village specializes in mainly two types of silk, Muga silk and Pat silk. Indigenous items such as mekhela chadors, and gamosas made of these materials are the famous produces in the country. It has been declared as a Handloom Heritage Village, and thus is steadily growing up as an important tourist spot in Assam. Eri silks and Endi clothes from this region is also quite well known. Sualkuchi Village is also quite rich in flora and fauna, and it retains the traditional charm with bamboo houses and overall rustic nature of the villages. A number of migratory birds visit the place during the winter season, and thus, bird watching is an ideal thing to do in Sualkuchi. There are a few budget hotels in the place with basic amenities for accommodation and the traditional cuisine is a must try. There are also various religious institutions like temples and namghars in the area which attract a number of tourists.

Popular Things to Do & See in and around

This weavers’ village amidst the lush greenery and the mountains is famous not only for the silk products, but also for scenic beauty of the land. The bio diversity of this place attracts nature lovers and photographers. Apart from this there are also temples like Siddheswar Devayala and satras like Hatisatra nearby, which enhances the appeal of the place. Moreover, the UNESCO heritage site of Manas National Park is also nearby, and can be visited from Sualkuchi.

Getting There

The village of Sualkuchi is only 35 km away from Guwahati and you can hire taxi to reach the place. The nearest railway station to Sualkuchi is the Kamakhya railway station, only 30 km away from the village.

Sualkuchi Kamrup, Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this place is during the winter, especially if you are keen on catching a glimpse of the migratory birds. The climate remains most comfortable during November to March, whereas the summer can get quite hot. Monsoon brings heavy downpour with thunderstorm, and not the best time to travel to this place.

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