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Madan Kamdev Temple Kamrup

Madan Kamdev, an archaeological site dates back to the 10th and 12th century AD, is situated at Baihata Chariali of Kamrup in Assam. There is a controversy regarding the builder of this temple among the archaeologists, though it is likely that the Madan Kamdeva temple was commissioned by the Pala kings, such as Indra Pala, Ratna Pala and Go Pala, as argued by the archaeologist Dr. Pradeep Sharma. The ruins of the temple included statues of 6 headed Bhairav, 6 headed Vishnu, 4 headed Shiva, Sun, etc. The temple area has the Mandakini River flowing just beneath, and there is also a vast swampy land. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva had once burned the God of love or Madan down to the ashes and this was the place where the God of love and pleasure resurrected. This place was discovered only in the year 1977, when the Indian Archaeological Department undertook the work of excavation in this area.

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In a secluded place the ruins of Madan Kamdeva is scattered around 500 meters. This includes the ruin of 12 temples and the Madan Kamdeva temple at the center. The place has religious significance along with the historical one. People who are interested in the art and architecture of the ancient time can also visit the site. There is an old temple of Shiva called Gopeshpur temple nearby, which is also worth a visit.

Getting There

The place is only 40 km away from Guwahati and therefore quite easy to be reached. The best way to reach Madan Kamdev temple is by road. The National Highway 52 takes you to the temple. axis and cars can be hired to reach the temple.

Madan Kamdev Temple Kamrup, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Visiting Madan Kamdev temple in the winter is the best idea, because the weather remains perfect for a trip. Spring is also a good time to visit this place. However, during summer the weather gets too hot, and therefore, it is not a good time for the trip. In the monsoon heavy rains can also spoil the travel plans and thus should be avoided.

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